Christmas In A Box


Christmas In a Box is a luxurious collection of the perfect Christmas tree decorations on a theme inspired this year by the “Great Gatsby” era.

Elegant, opulent, and bright – it is the ideal way to bring glamour to your tree and style into your home this Christmas.

Have a stylish and enchanting festive season with these 58 stunning deco-inspired Christmas decorations, all carefully selected to give your tree the most magical makeover, and all for less than £4 per ornament!  View more below.



Capture the glamour and style of the roaring twenties with the “Great Gatsby”Christmas In A Box tree baubles and Christmas decorations.

All the decorations are carefully wrapped and sent directly to you in one box at no additional cost.  Perfect for your own home, or ideal for a pre-Christmas gift surprise – this set is sure to add magic to your Christmas tree!

About this item

  • Christmas Tree Decoration Set.
  • The wide selection of baubles come in a gorgeous design and a themed set of colours.
  • Add some glamour to your Christmas tree this year with this incredible set of Christmas tree decorations.
  • Colours: Rose Gold, Green, Gold, Silver
  • 58 piece. 
  • Some items may vary from the pictures shown but will remain consistent with the Gatsby theme and same quality.

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